Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sketchy Day


What a sunny morning that I found yesterday...
I found my self alone at house. I got this photo with my camera's timer, of course!
With a stack of work So, finish it quickly! I must sweep the floors on upstairs and downstairs. And then mop the upstairs, wash the dishes. Ahhh... forget it!

People... Let's see what I got on Monday and Tuesday!
So, I got a Anggun's Song! --> "Shine" which used as Pantene Commersial OST.Because I'm so happy, I made a sketch of her face.

After I got the song, it would be easier if I knew the lyric. When I search the lyric, I found this pantene commercial. You must watch it!

The commercial story is so great! Gue aja nonton berkali-kali. The characters in the video give me strong image. And then, I decided to make a sketch of the violist and pianist. (click the sketch to zoom)
I love the both of them. They are full of inspirations.

But, when I tried to bold them with, drawing pen, there are a lot of mistakes. I was disappointed with the drawing. Very not similiar with the characters in the video.
Look ugly, right? I'll improve my skills.

Thanks to picnik.com
Now, I can edit my images!:K


Ari said...

Nice work.

priskanggrita said...

bagus kok top! serius :D