Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mr. Spoqui's September Contest


Good Day! In this opportunity, I will use english.
Okay, two weeks ago - when I was surfing on flickr - I found a contest.
Owaww... I love contest. Although I always join many contests, I have never won.
This month theme is MOVIE.
And I made little mistake... okay, it's a big mistakes. I though MOVIE is about to make our own movie's illustration. Whereas, MOVIE is about illustration with movie's stuff like video, cassette, television, cinema. Oh my God.

But, it was too late, I have finished my image.
Hahaha... I adapted the illustration from a book: NOT JUST A WITCH by EVA IBBOTSON.

Illustration (c) by Kristop Simanungkalit
Just visit my FLICKR (click here) too see the original size.
I made this illustration like a movie's cover on cinema.
I put "EVA IBBOTSON" on the top because it is her book.
And I just put my little "KRISTOP" on the right bottom as my signature.
If you have read the book, you must be can guess who are characters on the picture.
This picture took my 3 days. Pheeww... I'm still tired hahaha.

Okay, I hope I can win this time.
Good Bye! :K

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