Friday, March 4, 2011

Mother Nature

Hey...I made this illustration in my break time at school. It's so spontaneous. While I was drawing strange woman face, my hand just put some artsy nature.
My Illustration on the blackboard
Okay, let me present this 'weird' illustration. It's a face of woman with a sun in her left eye that tangled by a tree. In this case, tree represent as her eyebrow. The left eye was so tired and has a tears. Her nose and right face represent about animal (I'm stuck when I want to describe her right face).

No comment about her lips. Her saliva is overflowing and make a wavy ocean with dolphins and mermaid. Her skins are representing about lands and eruption mountain. Her hair means sky with a clouds and birds. There are fireworks too in the sky. I add a drop of water that

See you next time :K

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