Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello... wind?


I made my own halloween costume last year. But no costume this year.
A day is just 24 hours.
I need more.

When I look at the calendar, it's already at the end of October.
Halloween just like say hello to the wind.

Hooaahm! I'm too focus on my school magazine.
I will not show you my school magazine, the last edition still so disgusting.
But I feel I just work it alone whereas I have team-mates. I can not force them to work like me. And call them to work together just consume my energy.
How I can sleep if I still have a lot of work?
Design the cover.
Draw the comic and illustrations.
Interview the sources.
Edit all the articles and features.

I love to work alone. I'll always do my best if I work alone.
But it is trying to kill me.
Wish me luck!
I found my old sketch, not too old.

Please don't stop the music !

Did you fall ?

That's a hero lies in you.

 Simple sketch can be fun !
And I just realize that I edit it like magazine's cover.
Fight till the end! :K

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Irene Meriska said...

Hehehehe .. Keren .. Keren ... :D